The first step toward starting therapy with me is to schedule a phone screening. This is a complimentary call, lasting about 15 minutes, designed to make sure we're a good fit before moving forward.

What to expect in the phone screening

On the screening call, we'll discuss some logistical aspects of therapy (scheduling, payment, etc.) and I'll ask for just a sentence or two about what brings you in. If it seems likely to be a good match, we can go ahead and schedule our first in-person appointment or you can have some time to think about it before committing. If you or I think you'd be better served by a different therapist or organization, I'll do my best to connect you with those resources.

Message me to schedule your phone screening

To schedule a phone screening now, please complete my phone screening request form, and I will reply to the e-mail you provide with a couple suggested times for our phone call. Alternately, you may call me at (253) 973-2218 to schedule a call, but you will likely get a response back more quickly if you use the form instead.

Please be advised that voicemail, e-mail, and form submission are not secure forms of communication. While I make every effort to ensure your privacy, please do not include sensitive or private information in a voicemail or e-mail.

Still not sure? 

If you think you might want to come see me but you're not sure if therapy is what you need, feel free to get in touch anyway using my phone screening request form. We can talk about what's best for you right now and go from there -- either moving toward therapy with me or connecting you with other resources.

You can fall,
but you can rise also. 
— Angelique Kidjo


The first step toward starting therapy with me is to schedule a phone screening to make sure we're a good fit. If we are, then on the phone we'll schedule our first face-to-face meeting to take place at my office in Tacoma, Washington; thereafter all meetings will be in person. If we're not a good fit, I'll provide you referrals and resources so you can connect with the right therapist for you.

Click here to schedule a phone screening today. (You are also welcome to call me at (253) 973-2218 but it's usually quicker to connect with me if you start by submitting your message at the link above.) Or, if you're not quite ready to connect, read further to find out more before scheduling.

I look forward to connecting with you!